Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth?  If so, you have the early stages of gum disease. It is the principal cause of tooth loss and can cause irreparable damage if it is not treated in the early stages. In fact, treating it quickly can save you from suffering additional damage to your smile. Here at GumDocs, we offer the innovative treatment technique that effectively treats gum disease. Dr. Cameron Jones and his team of specialists are licensed and certified periodontal experts to perform LANAP® in Ottawa, ON.  

Benefits of the LANAP® Technique  

Gum disease begins with plaque deposits, which harden to form tartar. The deposits are a breeding ground for bacteria. The first stages of gum disease include gums that are swollen, red and bleed when you brush your teeth. Another sign is bad breath and an unpleasant taste in your mouth. If you have been told you need gum surgery, LANAP® in Ottawa, ON is a patient-friendly and minimally invasive alternative that doesn’t require any incisions or stitches. This innovative laser technology removes periodontal disease and regenerates lost bone tissue to support your teeth. Other benefits include:

·         Return to normal activities the day following treatment
·         No surgical stitches or cutting of gum tissue
 ·         Less discomfort than with traditional gum surgery
 ·         Ability to treat any number of teeth
 ·         Little to no gum recession after treatment
 ·         Safe for patients with health concerns such as hemophilia, diabetes or HIV  

LANAP® laser treatment disinfects the pockets around the affected teeth and seals the wound. Your bite is adjusted and the healing process results in new tissue attachment.  

Preventative Maintenance  

The bacteria that causes gum disease repopulate typically around the three month mark following LANAP® treatment. In order to prevent periodontal disease from reoccurring, Dr. Jones suggests coming in for a routine cleaning every three months.  


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